Pinafore Maid Cafe in Akihabara

Nice to meet you! All of the customers here at Maid Cafe Pinafore are our Masters and Princesses.
All of the maids will do their best to serve you, making sure our Masters and Princesses have a great time.
On this page, we'll guide you through Maid Cafe Pinafore so you'll have an even better time when visiting us!

Our promise

First of all, we'll guide you through Maid Cafe Pinafore's system.

  • We charge one order + a cover charge (¥500) for every 60 minutes.
  • Our menu prices are different for each café, but the average is ¥1,000 per drink and ¥2,000 per meal.
  • We also offer great-value lunches and all-you-can-drink menus!

Our Services

We also offer all sorts of services for our Masters’ and Princesses' enjoyment!

  • We'll chant our magic words to make your food delicious♥
  • With our special drawing skills, your omelets with rice and cappuccinos will transform into something very Kawaii☆
  • We'll celebrate your birthday! You’ll get a wonderful surprise……What could it be!?
  • You can also get a two-shot commemorative photo with us to keep your fun memories!!
  • We also have point cards that you can exchange for premier merchandise♥

We make special cocktails just for our Masters and Princesses☆
Each of us serving at Maid Cafe Pinafore can make our own original cocktails. Not only is the recipe different for each cocktail, but also made from a wide variety of ingredients, so each cocktail you drink is an original, served only for our Masters’ and Princesses’ pleasure.
Please look forward to what kind of original cocktail we'll be serving you♥
Ah! Please don't worry if you don't drink alcohol. We also serve non-alcoholic cocktails☆

Chatting with the Maids

We want to chat a lot with our Masters and Princesses!
At Maid Cafe Pinafore, we have all sorts of maids. Such as maids who are good at singing, maids who really LOVE anime and manga, and maids who are interested in somewhat mysterious stories……etc.
Among all of our unique maids, we're sure you'll find a maid who gets along with you♥
We also pour a lot of effort into the unique decorations at our cafés, the decorations vary by season.
If you ever think to yourself, "Hey, how'd you decorate that?" please don't hesitate to ask us, okay?

《 Requests to Our Masters and Princesses 》
We have some requests for our Masters and Princesses to have a pleasant stay with us.
・Please refrain from taking pictures, videos, or audio recordings inside Maid Cafe Pinafore. (However, Taking pictures of your food is okay.)
・The maids are doing their best in serving you, so please don't touch them, okay?
・No drinking and smoking for under-aged Masters and Princesses!!

Masters and Princesses, allow us to give you a special lesson about the secret of the maid uniforms we're wearing.
We call it “The Pink × Black Bitter Sweet Maid Uniform” and it’s our second generation maid uniform, which was renewed in 2004.
Actually, we were the ones who came up with this design.
We thought long and hard on “what kind of maid clothes would our Masters and Princesses be pleased with?”
Our specialty is adding personal touches and filling our maid uniforms with affection.
Please check out how we coordinate our maid uniforms when you come home to us.
Nowadays, you can see many maids wearing miniskirts, but back in 2003 when only the classic maid uniform was worn, Maid Cafe Pinafore was the first café serving customers wearing our custom Miniskirt and Pink maid uniforms♥