Pinafore Maid Cafe in Akihabara

What kind of place is a maid café?

Maids do their best to serve their Masters and Princesses. It's a place where you can enjoy tea and food while chatting with the maids. In maid cafés, customers are called “Masters” or “Princesses”.

Please tell me about the point card system.

Maid Cafe Pinafore's point cards are shared among all cafés. You get 1 point for every ¥1,000 you spend and the right to take pictures with our maids as a present when you reach 30 points. We issue point cards for free.

Do you have pictures of the café interiors?

Please check out our “ABOUT” page for an introduction of our cafés.

Is it okay for girls to go?

Of course! Maid Cafe Pinafore is a cheerful café welcoming everyone regardless of gender and age.

Is it okay for children to go there? Can we take children along?

Young Masters and Princesses are also welcome here. There are many who come home to Maid Cafe Pinafore as families. Our omelet with rice with drawings on them are very popular with our Young Masters and Princesses, so please bring your kids along!

Can the maid assigned to my seat always stick close to me?

The maids are giving their all so their Masters and Princesses get to relax. Because of that, they can't always stay by their Masters’ and Princesses' side, but please feel free to call them over.

Is it okay to take pictures inside the café?

Please refrain from taking pictures, videos, and audio recordings inside the café. Taking pictures of your food is okay though. Please be careful not to include the maids and other guests when taking your pictures.

Can I change seats in the café?

You may be asked to change seats at times of congestion, but as a general rule, please refrain from changing seats. Also, we don't accept requests to share seats if you're on the waiting list. Please inform a maid if you're meeting with a friend.

How much should my budget be?

Our menu prices are different for each café, but the average budget should be around ¥1,000 in the case of ordering a drink only, and ¥2,000 if you only plan on ordering a meal. We charge one order + cover charge (¥500) for every 60 minutes you stay at home with us.

What's a cover charge?

Unlike regular cafés, Maid Cafe Pinafore has many maids doing their best serving so that their Masters and Princesses can enjoy their time with us. Please think of it as an admission to a special world with experiences you can only enjoy here, like chatting with the maids and getting special services. We charge a cover charge of 500¥ for every 60 minutes of your stay.

Do you give any birthday surprises?

The maids here will celebrate your birthday! It’s only applicable from the day before to the day after your birthday, please bring something that can confirm your birthdate like a license, student ID, or insurance card.

What are your business hours?

The Labyrint branch have different business hours. Please check out our “ABOUT” page for details about the opening hours.

Can I use credit cards?

In addition to Visa, Mastercard, and JCB credit cards, we also accept Osaifu-Keitai (Mobile iD only) payments.

Can I drink alcohol?

The Labyrint branch serve alcohol. We have great-value all-you-can-drink specials! All cafés strictly prohibit underage drinking.

Can I smoke cigarettes?

Smoking is allowed in some sections. Please feel free to ask a maid if you want to smoke. All cafés strictly prohibit underage smoking. Also, please refrain from smoking at the café front as the street we're in is a non-smoking area.

Can I make reservations?

Of course! Please contact our cafés up to two weeks before your desired day. (Click here for the Labyrint branch' contact info)

Can I reserve the whole café?

Please inquire at our cafés if you want to reserve the entire place.

Can you issue an official receipt?

We issue official receipts. Please ask a maid when getting your check.

In your 60-minute system, do I have to stay at the café the entire duration?

Since you're here with us, we'd like you to be at ease and have fun for the whole 60 minutes, but we also have busy Masters and Princesses. So if you really need to leave, you don't have to finish your 60 minutes.

Do you hold events every day?

Our cafés hold events every season. Our event periods are irregular, so please check our “Event Calendar”.

How many maids are there?

Summing up the maids in the Labyrint branch, we have around 70 maids in total. Please see our Maid Profiles for details.

Can I exchange handshakes with the maids?

Please refrain from handshakes and all other actions that involve touching, and enjoy fun conversations with the maids instead.

I want to give a present to the maid. Should I give it directly to her?

Please call out to the café's staff if you want to give our maids a present. In addition, please note that we do not accept food, drinks, perishables, living things, expensive products, and cash as presents.

Can you tell me about the Maids' work hours?

We cannot disclose the details of our maids' work.